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RPG Adventures

Introducing exciting and unconventional RPG modules that can be played across a single or multiple settings. All with complete instructions. All completely free. Currently all adventures are designed to be used with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Find the basic rules for the game (also free) at the Wizards of the Coast website.

Dungeons & Dragons

The Inquisition

A module about what happens when the adventure is over and suddenly the (cultist) cops show up.

The inhabitants of Castilucia are a proud people. Having fought tooth and nail to reclaim their land from the Remoran Empire, they do not take kindly to attacks on their traditions and way of life. So what mission leads our team of adventurers through this nation of piety and chivalry? What cause guides their hearts through this land of heroism? As it turns out they are (checks notes) doing a hit on a mob boss. Hm.

Well, such activities only mean greater danger in a land where crime can mean any innocent violation, and where heresy can mean a simple passing remark. The party will have to tread carefully if they wish to make it out alive. They should also probably find a place to hide the bodies.

Dungeons & Dragons

The Man Who Casts No Shadow

An adventure about solving a mystery while trapped inside by a malevolent force you don’t understand.

There has been no greater adventurer than Darius Vitellius. Who else could have saved the empire from the dreaded Double-Tarrasque? Who else could have retrieved the famous treasure of Aun Mun Itzpa and lived to tell the tale? Each of your players have stories to tell of the adventures they’ve been on with their good friend Darius. Now, they finally meet each other when they all receive an invitation to visit his vineyard, located along the coast of the empire of Remora. What does the mighty hero have in store for this elite group of compatriots? Is it simply a friendly visit, as indicated in the letter? Or does he have more in store for our newly-formed party…

Dungeons & Dragons

The Tomb of Aun Mun Itzpa

Race llamas and avoid traps in this swashbuckling one-shot.

Legends tell of the vast treasures entombed with the body of Aun Mun Itzpa, the greatest emperor Andeana has ever known. To this day, no living soul has set eyes on the foretold riches that lie beneath the mountains. At least, none have done so and returned to tell the tale. Arriving at the shores of the Andean capital, Cuzcala, a hearty group of adventurers hope to break this pattern. Seasoned explorers, the trials of the ancient emperor should be no match for their skills. That is, if no one else gets to the tomb first…

Dungeons & Dragons

The King’s Gambit

A heist adventure where the only limit to what can happen is the players’ own stupid plans.

The wealth of the great dragon Sobek has long been a pillar of the tyrannical HoenSchlaecher Empire. Today that changes. The team that stands before you is the best of the best. No other group of adventurers would be more suited to perform this extraction. Together, each using your own special skills, you will break into the fortress with ease and secure the dragon’s hoard. Unless, of course, the whole party decided to play as druids for some reason. In that case, this may not be a win for the rebellion.

Dungeons & Dragons

The Spectre of Revolution

The only adventure where the final battle takes place on a giant Monopoly board.

Long thought to be coming to its end, the tyrannical and unpronouncable Hoenschlacher Empire has managed to survive for many years. Now, things are changing. In the beginning of the Grand War the empire fared well holding onto its outstreched domain, bolstered by the support of the Middle Powers. But after several defeats against the Righteous Allies, it has quickly begun to fall apart.

The kingdom of Polumbria, annexed by the empire ten years ago, has yearned for its freedom since the day Hoenschlacher forces set foot in their land. Recently Hoenschlacher grip in the area has loosened after a good deal of their wealth was stolen in a daring heist. This has led to even more repression and mass executions carried out by the local authorities. As tensions rise within the kingdom, a team of adventurers meet with representatives from the Polumbrian resistance.

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